Air Pistol: Buying Discount PCP, CO2, and Variable Pump Air Pistols

If you are looking to buy a discount air pistol, Superior Outdoorsman supplies a variety of air pistols from leading manufacturers including Beeman air pistols, Crosman air pistols, Gamo air pistols, and Benjamin air pistols. These air pistols include accurate PCP air pistols, powerful pump air pistols, and easy to use CO2 powered air pistols. Our air pistols can be used for everything from target shooting to backyard plinking. In addition, some of these air pistols even pack enough power for small and large pest control. If you are looking for an airgun for airgun hunting, we also carry a wide selection of air rifles that are ideal for small game hunting. Please browse our selection of discount air pistols below to find the best air pistol for your needs.

Beeman P17 Deluxe Pellet Pistol

Crosman CO2 Airgun

Umarex CP88

Umarex CP99

Umarex Walther PPK

Umarex Baby Desert Eagle

Umarex Colt Govt 1911

Umarex S&W 586 - .177 Caliber

Umarex Blank Firing Pistol

Umarex Beretta Pistol

Additional Air Pistols

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Reasons for Buying an Air Pistol

While the use of basic airguns can be traced back to even before the invention of the modern firearm, there are a number of reasons that people buy air pistols today. Whether for use as a relaxing hobby or a rewarding and competitive sport, air pistols are growing in popularity largely because of the wide variety of purposes, which they serve. At Superior Outdoorsman, you will find that our large selection of discount air pistols includes a variety of pistols for each of these uses as well as both affordably priced, quality air pistols and premium air pistols offering superior accuracy and power. The following are some of the common air pistol uses that exist today.

Precision Air Pistols for Target Shooting Competitions

Target shooting competitions using air pistols have been growing in popularity in recent years. Today, airgun competitions are serious and competitive around the world with some top-grade precision air pistols believed to be among the most precise guns available. While most air pistols and other airguns can be used for target shooting, there are some types of air pistols that offer greater accuracy, which is desirable for precision airgun shooting and target shooting.

Air Pistol Plinking and Backyard Shooting

In addition to competitive target shooting, many adults enjoy buying an air pistol for casual backyard shooting or plinking. Plinking can be a relaxing hobby for many. Because air pistols pellets and BBs are much lighter and possess lower velocities than even small caliber bullets, a safe airgun range can be set up almost anywhere.

Air Pistols for Pest Control

While not all air pistols are powerful enough for humane pest control, some of the more powerful air pistols can be used for large and small pest control. These powerful air pistols include both PCP and pump air pistols. Types of large and small pests that can be controlled with the use of a powerful air pistol include large rats and pigeons and small mice, sparrows, and starlings.

Shooting Skill Improvement with Air Pistols

Because air pistols offer a realistic shooting experience similar to shooting a real pistol, an air pistol can be used to teach the elements of marksmanship. In addition, air pistols offer greater opportunity for shooting practice as they can be used in a variety of settings other than only in a shooting range.

Teaching Shooting and Gun Safety with an Air Pistol

Because air guns shoot at much lower velocities than even the lower caliber firearms they are a safer alternative to handgun shooting. While supervision and proper care, including the use of eye protection, should always be used when allowing children to shoot air pistols, air pistol shooting can be a fun and safe activity for children. In fact, an air pistol can be used to teach correct gun handling and marksmanship to children and other inexperienced family members.