Air Rifles: Buying the Best Air Rifle Type

If you are looking to buy a discount air rifle, Superior Outdoorsman supplies a variety of air rifles from some of the leading airgun manufacturers. Whether you prefer a powerful break barrel air rifle for small game hunting or a reliable PCP air rifle for accurate target shooting or plinking, you will find the discount air rifle to meet your needs here.

Beeman Mach 12.5

Beeman RS2 Combo

Beeman Wolverine Carbine

Beeman Weighted BB Repeater

Benjamin Sheridan Discovery Pre-Charged Air Rifle

Benjamin Sheridan Benjamin Trail NP

Benjamin Sheridan Marauder

Crosman CO2 Airgun

Crosman Pump Airgun

Crosman Break Barrel Airgun

Gamo Whisper

Umarex Model 350

Umarex Model 34

Umarex Model 48

Umarex Model 350 Feuerkraft

Umarex Ruger Air Hawk

Umarex Walther 1250 Dominator

Umarex RWS - Model 350 P Magnum

Umarex Model 34 P Combo

Umarex Model 54

Umarex Model 460

Umarex Hmerli - 490 Express

Umarex Walther Talon Magnum Combo

Umarex Beretta Pistol

Additional Air Rifles

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Our discount air rifles come from some of the top manufacturers and include:

Types of Air Rifles

There are four main types of air rifles that are available today. Each of these air rifles offers different advantages and maximum velocities making them ideal for different shooting activities. If you are considering buying a new air rifle, read on to learn more about the popular air rifle types available from Superior Outdoorsman at discount prices.

Break Barrel Air Rifle

A break barrel air rifle is a type of air rifle in which the pellet is fired as a result of the power from a spring or interior piston that is released when the trigger is pulled. Break barrel air rifles are cocked by folding the barrel of the gun in while holding the stock firmly. This motion pushes the piston and spring backwards which are then locked into place at the rear of the gun. When released a standard spring piston air rifle will produce a recoil sensation similar to the recoil produced when shooting a firearm. Because of their simple form and ability to generate large amounts of power, break barrel air rifles are commonly used for pest control and hunting purposes. A downside to break barrel air rifles is that they can result in decreased accuracy due to the significant vibrations caused when the spring is released. The Crosman Nitro Piston air rifles address this problem by replacing the spring with a special piston that reduces vibrations and noise as the air rifle is fired.

Variable Pump Air Rifle

Variable pump air rifles, or multi-stroke pneumatic air rifles, are powered by compressed air that is stored in a chamber within the gun. Air is pressurized in this chamber through a pumping mechanism whereby each stroke of the pump forces more air into the chamber and thus increases the pressure. The higher pressure that is achieved in this chamber will result in increased velocity of the projectile. Today's variable pump air rifles are capable of withstanding significant pressures and delivering excellent accuracy, making them ideal for target shooting and hunting pests or small game. A downside to variable pump air rifles is that since the chamber is only capable of holding enough compressed air to fire one shot, which is all released as each shot is fired, these air rifles must be pumped in-between each shot.

The single-stroke air rifle is similar to a variable pump air rifle, but requires only one stroke to compress the air needed for a single shot to be fired. This adaptation generally produces slightly lower power levels, but it addresses the timing and accuracy problems that may result when using variable pump air rifles.

Co2 Powered Air Rifle

CO2 powered air rifles are powered by a standard 12 gram or large 88 gram CO2 canister that is attached to the body of the gun. These types of air rifles are easy to use and generally recoilless to shoot. Another benefit of CO2 powered air rifles is that they allow the shooter to quickly shoot a number of shots without the need to stop and pump. A main downside to using CO2 powered air rifles for hunting or target shooting is that the CO2 is very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, the gun will shoot differently in warmer temperatures than it will in cooler temperatures.

Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Air Rifle

Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, also called compressed air rifles, offer shooters the best of both worlds as they allow a shooter to use either high or low power with incredible accuracy and no recoil without the need to pump the gun between shots. These air rifles are capable of achieving high muzzle velocities with outstanding accuracy. Therefore, they are ideal for any type of air rifle shooting from target shooting to small game hunting and pest control.