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Airsoft guns are low impact, low velocity guns that can be used in a variety of situations from target shooting and training to reenactments and theatrical productions. Airsoft guns are designed to be used with plastic airsoft gun ammunition or BBs that have muzzle velocities of less than 500 feet per second, which is generally considered safe and non-lethal when used in a controlled environment. Airsoft guns are popular because they offer a realistic shooting experience and are often replicas of popular, well-recognized firearms such as Walther pistols and H&K rifles and pistols. Because airsoft guns are a safe alternative to firearms or air guns, they are used for a variety of applications including airsoft sport games and tournaments, law enforcement and military training, theatrical productions, and safe target practice. Airsoft games can include short skirmishes, organized scenarios, military simulations, and historical reenactments. Feel free to browse our selection of discount airsoft guns for sale below or view our Airsoft Rifle and Airsoft Pistol product pages to learn more about airsoft guns and airsoft gun uses.

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Additional Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Accessories

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Airsoft Gun Manufacturers

If you are looking to buy airsoft rifles or pistols, we have a variety of discount airsoft guns for sale at affordable prices. Our selection of airsoft guns includes guns from leading airsoft gun manufacturers that are fit for airsoft tournaments, training exercises, and target shooting. These discount airsoft guns include a variety of replica and original airsoft gun designs that offer safe, realistic shooting experiences. Our discount airsoft guns and airsoft gun accessories that are for sale includes pistols and rifles from leading manufacturers including Crosman, Umarex, and Beeman.

Crosman Airsoft Guns

Crosman is a leading manufacturer of airsoft guns including airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols, premium airsoft guns, and airsoft ammunition. The company focuses on manufacturing premium quality guns at affordable prices. With a variety of pump, electronic, and CO2 powered airsoft guns including a number of replica airsoft pistols and rifles, Crosman airsoft guns offer superior performance for target shooting, training, and airsoft skirmishes.

Umarex Airsoft Guns

Umarex is an airsoft gun manufacturer that produces a wide variety of airsoft guns designed for target practice, training, and airsoft sport games. Many Umarex airsoft guns are replicas of popular rifles and firearms making them ideal for theatrical productions as well. These airsoft guns are sure to offer you a safe and fun, realistic shooting experience. At Superior Outdoorsman, we have discount Umarex airsoft guns for sale including spring powered airsoft guns, electric airsoft guns, CO2 powered airsoft guns, and gas airsoft guns.

Beeman Airsoft Guns

Beeman is a leading air gun manufacturer offering several styles of airsoft guns including an airsoft pistol and airsoft pump air gun. These airsoft guns are made especially for target shooting and practice shooting. Designed for use with plastic BBs, with velocities only as fast as up to 250 feet per second, these airsoft guns are safe for target shooting and shooting practice in nearly any situation.

Airsoft Gun Ammo and Accessories

In addition to a broad selection of discount airsoft guns for sale from leading manufacturers, Superior Outdoorsman is also a supplier of airsoft gun ammunition and other airsoft gun accessories. Our discount airsoft ammo includes .12g, .20g, and .25g airsoft BBs. With these discount airsoft BBs from Superior Outdoorsman, you will be prepared for any airsoft tournament or training exercise. We also carry other important airsoft gun accessories such as protective airsoft shooting glasses or goggles and airsoft gun magazines to enhance your shooting experience.