Airsoft Pistol: Discount Airsoft Pistols and Replica Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft pistols are non-lethal replicas of popular pistols that shoot lightweight plastic BBs. Airsoft pistols have a variety of uses including use during airsoft games and competitions to target shooting or shooting practice. Some people even collect airsoft pistols because they are safe and affordable alternatives to traditional firearms. If you are looking to buy discount airsoft pistols, Superior Outdoorsman sells a variety of affordable airsoft pistols and replica airsoft pistols from leading manufacturers including Beeman airsoft pistols, Crosman airsoft pistols, and Umarex airsoft pistols. In addition, we also offer a variety of airsoft rifles and airsoft guns and accessories for sale at affordable prices.

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Airsoft Pistol Uses

Airsoft Pistols for Airsoft Games

Many airsoft guns are used in the safe "wargaming" environment known as airsoft, which can include airsoft skirmishes, reenactments, and military style airsoft games. Airsoft games include everything from the casual backyard games to highly competitive and serious tournaments and competitions that can last anywhere from several hours up to several days. An airsoft pistol is most often used in airsoft games as a backup gun in case your main rifle runs out of ammunition or battery power. Airsoft pistols are lightweight and easy to carry making them ideal for close range and back up shots during serious airsoft competitions.

Target Shooting with Airsoft Pistols

In addition to using airsoft pistols for airsoft games, people also use airsoft pistols for plinking or target shooting applications. A main benefit of target shooting with airsoft pistols is safety. Because these guns have much lower muzzle velocities they are safer for target shooting and shooting practice both indoors and out. Additionally, airsoft pistols can be used as a substitute to traditional firearms for competition style shooting in places where there is a ban on firearms or handguns.

Collecting Airsoft Pistol Replicas

Some firearm enthusiasts simply collect airsoft pistols because they are safe but accurate replicas of popular pistols. In addition, these airsoft pistol replicas are ideal for collecting because they are an affordable alternative to the actual firearms.

Military and Law Enforcement Training with Airsoft Pistols

Because airsoft guns are realistic size and weight replicas to commonly used pistols and rifles that achieve non-lethal velocities with low impact BBs, they have recently been used for military and law enforcement training applications. A main benefit for using airsoft pistols and rifles during military and police training is the ability to engage in realistic operations and perform maneuvers that one can expect to do in real combat. In addition, airsoft pistols allow military and law enforcement personnel to fire at others without causing physical harm resulting in the most effective training environment.

Replica Airsoft Pistols

Superior Outdoorsman is proud to offer replica airsoft pistols at discount prices. These replica pistols are designed to look like some of the most popular pistols sold today and throughout history. If you are looking to buy affordable replica airsoft pistols that look and feel like the real thing, our authentic replica airsoft pistols from Umarex are affordable and realistic. The gas powered airsoft pistols even provide a realistic shooting experience with blowback power that creates the lifelike recoil, which is experienced when shooting real firearms. Our replica airsoft pistols are ideal for everything from indoor and outdoor target shooting and practice shooting to airsoft games, reenactments, and military and law enforcement training. The following are some of the popular Umarex replica airsoft pistols that you will find for sale at discount prices on our website.

  • Walther Replica Airsoft Pistols including Walther P22, Walther P38, Walther P99, & Walther PPK
  • H&K Replica Airsoft Pistols including the H&K USP & H&K P30
  • Ruger P345 Replica Airsoft Pistol
  • Combat Zone Stryker Replica Airsoft Pistol