Camping Lanterns: Battery Powered, Propane, & Gas Lanterns for Camping

A camping lantern acts as a reliable light source during the night to provide a bright flood of light in which you can perform a number of tasks including cooking, brushing your teeth, and even setting up the campsite. As it can be difficult to hold a flashlight while trying to perform most tasks, a camping lantern is the ideal option for a main light source when outdoors after dark. There are three main types of camping lanterns available today. These include battery powered camping lanterns, propane camping lanterns, and kerosene gas camping lanterns. At Superior Outdoorsman, we sell several models of these camping lanterns from leading manufacturers at affordable prices. Each type of lantern has its own advantages and disadvantages including initial cost, operating cost, and light output. After carefully considering these differences, one can buy the best camping lantern to meet their needs.

Fuel Operated Camping Lanterns

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Battery Operated Camping Lanterns

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Additional Battery Powered Camping Lanterns

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Propane Camping Lanterns

Propane camping lanterns are inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to operate as they are fueled by propane from disposable propane cylinders. This propane fuel can last for many hours making it a smart fuel source. Another benefit of using propane camping lanterns is that many camping stoves also operate on propane meaning you will only need to bring one fuel tank on shorter camping trips. A disadvantage of buying a propane camping lantern is that they are strictly for outdoor use only as they can release hazardous fumes when the propane is burned. Therefore, propane lanterns cannot be used for light inside of a tent or any other structure. Another disadvantage of propane camping lanterns is that they result in empty fuel tanks, which require proper disposal.

Battery Operated Camping Lanterns

A main benefit of using battery powered camping lanterns is that they can be used both indoors and out. In addition, many battery operated camping lanterns are waterproof. Therefore, these camping lanterns are versatile and can be used to provide light in a variety of situations from power outages at home to camp outs and bon fires in the woods. Another benefit of battery operated lanterns is that they do not involve the use of burning fuel or lit flames, and therefore, these camping lanterns are safe enough even to be used by small children.

The main disadvantage of battery operated camping lanterns is the high energy consumption. Depending on usage, it is possible to go through several sets of batteries on one camping trip. Therefore, if you plan on using a battery powered lantern, you should plan to pack extra batteries. In addition, while some battery powered camping lanterns are available with rechargeable batteries, you should remember that these require an electrical outlet in order to charge the battery. LED camping lanterns address this energy consumption problem by using less energy and allowing the lantern to run for longer periods of time on a single set of batteries. However, a main problem with LED camping lanterns is that they produce a less powerful light than the standard battery operated lantern.

Kerosene Gas Camping Lanterns

Kerosene gas camping lanterns burn a distilled type of petroleum oil, called kerosene oil, to provide a bright light. These are portable, safe, weatherproof, and inexpensive lanterns that have long been used to light buildings and homes. Kerosene lanterns are currently used as camping lanterns and lanterns for emergency situations. Kerosene camping lanterns offer a bright constant light as well as an adjustable flame. These camping lanterns are long lasting and inexpensive to operate as kerosene is generally cheap and easy to buy.

The main downside to using kerosene gas camping lanterns is safety. Like propane and other fuel lanterns, kerosene camping lanterns cannot be used in enclosed spaces such as in a tent or cabin as they can release dangerous fumes. In addition, care should be taken to avoid inhaling kerosene smoke as it has been linked to serious respiratory problems. Finally, only adults should use kerosene lanterns and care should be taken not to tip over kerosene gas camping lanterns as the fuel can leak and catch fire.