Buying a Rechargeable Flashlight: Camping & Tactical Rechargeable Flashlights

Rechargeable flashlights are ideal flashlights for tactical and professional uses as they are generally dependable and reliable for everyday use. In addition, a rechargeable flashlight is the ideal tool for working around the house and for use during some types of outdoor activities. Rechargeable flashlights save money and are better for the environment when compared to standard flashlights because they use one single rechargeable battery for several years. If you are looking to buy an affordable rechargeable flashlight, Superior Outdoorsman sells a variety of discount rechargeable flashlights from leading brand name manufacturers. Please feel free to check out our selection of rechargeable flashlights provided below or view our Camping Lantern and Streamlight Flashlight pages to see more of our discount flashlights, outdoor lighting, and flashlight accessories.

Rechargeable Flashlights

Energizer Solar Light Series

Solar Caribinner Crank

Energizer Weather Ready Light

Maglite Mag Charger

MagLite Charger Only

Maglite Mag Charger Pre Feb 2008

12 Volt DC Straight Wire Pre 2008

Maglite Mag Charger

Replacement Lens Mag Charger

Maglite Mag Charger System

Primos Varmint Hunting Light

350 Yard Varmint Hunting Light

Primos Spotlight

15,000,000 CP Recharge Spotlight

Streamlight 5 Unit Bank Charger

5-Unit Bank Fast Charger-Stingers

Streamlight Strion

Strion Charger/Holder

Streamlight PolyStinger LED

PolyStngr LED w/120V ACFast Ch/BK

Streamlight Strion LED HP

Strion LEDHP 120V AC/12V DC 2Hldr

Additional Rechargeable Flashlights

120V AC Converter (V2)

Switch Seal, Recharge-Wht Switch

DC Cord w/cigarette adapter (12v)

Mag Chrgr Adptr Male/Fem 2008+

Switch Seal Mag Charger-Blk Swtch

Charge Sleeve Assembly 20XP +

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Tactical Rechargeable Flashlights

Streamlight LiteBox

Dir Wire Lite Box 12VDC Mt Rk Org

Streamlight PolyStinger

Poly-Stinger Light DC, Black

Streamlight Poly Stinger

PolyStinger AC/DC Fast Charge,Blk

Streamlight PolyStinger

PolyStinger DC Fast Charge,Yellow

Streamlight Poly Stinger

Poly-Stinger DC Fast Charge, Blk

Streamlight PolyStinger

PolyStinger w/AC/DC 1 Piggyback

Streamlight Stinger XT

Stinger XT AC, Black

Streamlight Stinger

Stinger W/DC

Streamlight Vulcan/Fire Vulcan

Dir Wire Vlcn/F.Vlcn 12VDC Chg Rk

Streamlight LiteBox & Vulcan Parts & Acc.

8 Watt BiPin Bulb 100hr Lbox/Vlcn

Streamlight UltraStinger

Ultra-Stinger W/AC-DC, Black

Streamlight Stinger HP

Stinger HP w/AC Fast Charger

Streamlight Stinger XT HP

Streamlight Charge Cord

12 Volt DC Cigarette Light Charge

Streamlight Charger Holder

Stinger Charger/Holder

Streamlight Strion

Strion 120V AC/12V DC (2) Holder

Streamlight SL20XP-LED

SL20XP LED AC/DC Black 2 Sleeve

Streamlight Tactical Strion

Tactical Strion 120V AC/12V DC

Streamlight SL 20X LED

SL 20X LED w/o Charger

Streamlight FC Stinger LED

Stinger LED w/o Charger

Streamlight Stinger LED

Stinger LED w/AC/DC 2 Holders

Streamlight Survivor LED

Survivor LED Alkaline Orange

Streamlight Stinger DS LED Light

Stinger DS LED w/12V DC Steady Ch

Streamlight PolyStinger DS LED

PolyStinger DS LED 120V AC Blk

Streamlight Strion LED Light

Strion LED AC/12V DC (1) Holder

Streamlight Stinger LED HP

Stinger LED HP Steady, No Charger

Streamlight Stinger DS LED HP

Stinger DS LED HP Fast Pigy DC

Streamlight PolyStinger LED

PolyStinger LED 120V AC, Yellow

Additional Tactical Rechargeable Flashlights

Tactical 7060 Lith Duty Rechgble

Tactical 8060 LED Duty Reghgble

Rechargeable SL20DC Only

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Benefits of a Rechargeable Flashlight

There are a number of benefits to buying a rechargeable flashlight from Superior Outdoorsman. Whether you are looking to save money or the environment, rechargeable flashlights make an excellent choice. A quality rechargeable flashlight is a reliable investment, and therefore, rechargeable flashlights are trusted by law enforcement professionals and security personnel worldwide. In addition, rechargeable flashlights can be used around the home or office to meet a variety of task lighting needs. The following are some of the main benefits of rechargeable flashlights both for everyday users as well as for professionals.

  • Money Saving: While a rechargeable flashlight may have a higher initial cost, because rechargeable flashlights allow you to use the same battery for years, these are actually a money saving alternative to traditional flashlights, which require frequent and costly battery replacements.
  • Environmentally Friendly: A Rechargeable flashlight is better for the environment than a traditional flashlight because they reduce the number of batteries that are used and disposed of. Since alkaline batteries release harmful chemicals as they decompose, a rechargeable battery that can last longer than more than 200 alkaline batteries means less harmful waste is released into the environment.
  • Dependable: Rechargeable flashlights are dependable because when properly charged, the batteries will last for hours of use. Therefore, these batteries will not run out all of the sudden in the middle of use as standard batteries might.
  • Great for Daily Use: Rechargeable flashlights are great for everyday use by law enforcement professionals and security personnel because after a night of storage on the charger, a rechargeable flashlight is like new and ready to go in the morning.

Disadvantages of a Rechargeable Flashlight

While there are a number of advantages of buying rechargeable flashlights, there are also several disadvantages of rechargeable flashlights that make them difficult to use in some situations. For example, since rechargeable flashlights need to be recharged after long periods of use, they are not good for long trips where you will be away from a power source. Therefore, rechargeable flashlights may not be the best choice for a camper or hiker who is planning a long trip in the wilderness. In addition, the batteries in rechargeable flashlights can lose their charge if stored for long periods of time without use. Therefore, these flashlights are not a good choice for emergency kits in cars or around the home unless they can be charged regularly.

Popular Rechargeable Flashlights

At Superior Outdoorsman, we supply a variety of rechargeable flashlights and rechargeable flashlight accessories from leading manufacturers at discount prices. Our selection of quality discount rechargeable flashlights includes the following popular flashlights:

  • Maglite MagCharger Rechargeable Flashlights and Rechargeable Flashlight Accessories
  • Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlights Including Stinger, PolyStinger, Survivor, Vulcan, and Strion Series Rechargeable Flashlights