Red Dot Sight: Discount Tactical Red Dot Sights and Scopes

Red dot sights are easy to use sights that can be used for a variety of close and medium range shooting situations including during hunting. In addition, these sights offer quick aiming making them ideal for use during sport shooting and competition shooting. Red dot sights also allow the shooter to maintain situational awareness with two-eyed shooting making them ideal sights for high stress and confrontational situations including tactical close range military and law enforcement situations. Finally, because of the use of bright LED or laser lights, a red dot sight offers simple target acquisition even in low light situations. At Superior Outdoorsman, you can buy a variety of discount red dot sights and scopes including reflex red dot sights, Aimpoint red dot sights, holographic red dot sights, EOTech red dot sights, and red dot laser sights.

Red Dot Sights

Aimpoint CompML3

Comp ML3, 2 MOA

Aimpoint 9000L

9000L, 4 MOA

Aimpoint CompM4

Comp M4s 2MOA/QRP2, w/Mount

Aimpoint CompM3

CompM3 2MOA

Aimpoint Micro

Aimshot Holographic Sight

Holographic Sight Multi-Reticle

Burris Speed Bead Combo

Speed Bead Combo, Rem 1100, 1187

Burris Speed Dot 135

XTS-135 SpeedDot 1x-35mm Matte

Burris Speed Bead

Speed Bead, Stoeger 3500

Bushnell Trophy Scope

Trophy 1x32 MP Red Dot Sight

EOTech Tactical

Tact CR123 65MOA Circle/1MOA Dot

EOTech Military NV

Military NV Lithium 65MOA/1MOA Dt

EOTech Mil NV Dual ARMS 65MOA/1MOA Dot

EOTech M510 AA 65MOA/1MOA Dot

M510 AA 65MOA/1MOA Dot MOOB Camo

EOTech Transverse with Night Vision

Transverse, NV 65MOA Ring/1MOA Dt

EOTech Transverse

Transverse 65MOA Ring/2-1MOA Dots

EOTech M552 Sight

M552.XR500 Mil. AA BDC Ret .50Cal

EOTech M553 Sight

M553.A65BLK 65MOA Ring/1MOA Dot

FNH USA Inc Shotgun Accessories

C-More ARW Sight For M1913/Weaver

Kruger Optical Tactical Series Riflescope

Leupold Prismatic Scopes

Prismatic 1x14 Hnt Mt Ill CirPlex

Leupold Prismatic 1x14mm Illuminated DCD Reticle

Prismatic 1x14mm Illum DCD DkErth

Leupold Mark 4 Riflescope Series

Mk4 CQ/T 1-3x14 Mt Ill Circle Dot

NCStar Red Dot Reflex Sight

Red Dot Reflex Sight/Weaver Base

NCStar Red/Green Dot Reflex Sight

Red/Grn Dot Reflex Sight, Black

NCStar B-Style Red Dot Sight

1x30 B-Style RD Sight, Weaver

NCStar Compact Tactical Red Dot Reflex Sight

Cmpt Tac Red Dt Reflex Sight,Silv

NCStar T-Style Red Dot Sight

1x30 T-Style Red Dot, 4 Reticle

NCStar Red Dot Sight

1x30  Red Dot 3/8

NCStar Pistol Scope

4x32 Pistol Scope/Blue Lens/Rings

NCStar Rubber Tactical-Double Illumination Series Scope

4x30E Red/Grn Ill Rubber AR15

NCStar Mark III Rubber Tactical Series Scope

4x32 Rubber Cmpt Red Laser P4

Nikon Laser IRT

Sightron Electronic Sighting Devices

Red Dot 33mm 4 Pattern Retcle Blk

Tasco Propoint Red Dot Sight

Propoint1x25mm BlkMte 5 MOA RdDot

Tasco Propoint Red Dot Sight

Propoint1x32mm BlkMte 5 MOA RdDot

Trijicon Reflex II

Reflx 12.5MOA w/M16 Handle Mount

Trijicon ACOG

ACOG 1.5X16 Amber Dot AR15

Trijicon RMR Sight

RMR Dual Sight 9.0 MOA Amber Dot

Trijicon RMR Sight

RMR Sight 9 MOA Dual Ill RM34 Pic

Additional Red Dot Sights

CompML2, 4 MOA

3x Magnifyer

Buckmark Holographic Sight

FastFire II /wPicatinny Mount

FastFire II, No Mount

Eliminator Laser Scope

AR-Tripler Magnifier

AR Tact Prsm Sight AR-332 3X-32mm

Trophy TRS-25 1X Red Dot Sight

Command Arms Accessories
BeamShot 1000S Red Dot Lsr Sight

Red Dot Sight

M510 Tact AA w/2D Std Reticle

M557.AR223 Mil AA .223 Cal Ret

EOLAD Visible Laser 5mW

Gen II 3x Magnifer w/FTS Mount

Includes 557.AR223 HWS,G23 Mag,BS



1x14mm Tact Prsmtic Mtt Illm Circ

DeltaPoint (Cross) Mt 7.5 MOA Del

Tri Pwr Reflex Site 30mm/Red Chev

RX01 w/ Flattop Mount

42mm Reflex Amb 6.5 MOA Dot TA51

Reflex 4.5 MOA w/Flattop Adapter

Top Point II w/ Mount

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Red Dot Laser Sights

Aimshot Red Laser Kit

LaserMax Glock Sights

LaserMax Sig Sauer Sights

LaserMax 1911 Sights

LaserMax Springfield XD Sights

LaserMax ParaOrdnance 1911 Sights

LaserMax Springfield XD Laser Sight

LaserMax Momentary Activation Switch

LaserMax "J" Frame Smith & Wesson Laser Sight

LaserMax Sabre Series Laser

LaserMax Rail Mount Adaptor

NCStar Pressure Switch

NCStar Red Laser Sight

NCStar Red/Green Laser

Additional Red Dot Laser Sights

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Crimson Trace Red Dot Sights

Crimson Trace 1911 Government/Commander

Crimson Trace 1911 Officer's/Compact/Defender

Crimson Trace Beretta

Crimson Trace Sig Sauer

Crimson Trace Smith and Wesson

Crimson Trace Glock

Crimson Trace Ruger

Crimson Trace Taurus

Crimson Trace Keltec

Crimson Trace Springfield XD

Crimson Trace CZ 75

Crimson Trace Kahr

Crimson Trace MVF Vertical Foregrip Laser

Additional Crimson Trace Red Dot Sights

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What is a Red Dot Sight

A red dot sight is a type of rifle, shotgun, or handgun sight that uses a red dot either projected directly on the target or at an image of the target in order to allow the shooter to quickly and easily take aim at any target. Red dot sights are commonly used during sport or competition shooting, hunting, military, and law enforcement situations. Because these sights allow the shooter to keep both eyes open while quickly aiming at any target, red dot sights are ideal for all types of close and medium range shooting. The following are the main types of discount red dot sights that are available from Superior Outdoorsman.

Reflex Red Dot Sight

Reflex red dot sights use a system of lenses including a partially reflective objective lens that allows the shooter to see an image of the target and a bright LED light reticle displayed in the ocular lens. These red dot sights can be used with either one eye open or two-eyed aiming making them flexible and simple to use. A downside to this design is that the conventional reflex red dot sight gives an angled reflection when the dot is not centered on the lens. As a result of this, the point of aim and the point of impact will only be the same when the dot is perfectly centered on the lens.

However, Aimpoint red dot sights use advanced dual objective lens technology that eliminates this parallax problem. Because of the light refraction property that exists with this Aimpoint double lens, the point of aim and impact are always consistent regardless of where on the lens the red dot appears. Therefore, Aimpoint red dot sights offer quick and easy aiming, which is ideal for a number of situations.

Holographic Red Dot Sight

Holographic red dot sights use a hologram to project the image of a reticle or red dot directly onto a holographic image of the target. Unlike some reflex red dot sights, these sights are parallax free. Therefore, they are accurate and effective at any angle, not only when the red dot is lined up in the center of the image. One popular brand of holographic red dot sight that you can buy from Superior Outdoorsman is the EOTech holographic red dot sights. These sights can be used for close to medium range hunting, competition shooting, and military or law enforcement operations. A main downside to holographic red dot sights is that they use a powerful laser and complex holographic technology, which requires a significant amount of energy to operate. Therefore, these sights have a relatively short battery life compared to many other types of sights.

Red Dot Laser Sight

Red dot laser sights project a red laser dot directly onto the target. The most popular red dot laser sights are Crimson trace laser sights, which are available from Superior Outdoorsman at discount prices. A benefit of these sights is that they are the simplest to use providing point and shoot capability with superior accuracy. A main downside of red dot laser sights is that they eliminate the secrecy that is possible with other types of scopes or sights because they physically project a bright laser light onto the target. Therefore, your target can see that you have them in your sights. Because of this red dot laser sights cannot be used in some types of tactical, military, and law enforcement situations.