Streamlight Flashlight: Reliable Tactical, Professional, and Camping Flashlights

Streamlight FlashlightsEach Streamlight flashlight is a durable and reliable flashlight designed to exceed your expectations. These flashlights are specifically designed for use in a number of situations from tactical and professional uses including law enforcement and rescue situations to sporting activities such as hunting, camping, or fishing. Whether you need a large flood style flashlight, a small pen or pocket flashlight, or anything in between, there is a Streamlight flashlight made just for you. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a dependable flashlight for outdoor or professional use, a discount Streamlight flashlight available online from Superior Outdoorsman is a superior choice.

Streamlight LiteBox

Standard System Lite-Box, Orange

Streamlight PolyStinger

Poly-Stinger Light DC, Black

Streamlight Poly Stinger

PolyStinger AC/DC Fast Charge,Blk

Streamlight PolyStinger

PolyStinger DC Fast Charge,Yellow

Streamlight Poly Stinger

Poly-Stinger DC Fast Charge, Blk

Streamlight PolyStinger

PolyStinger w/AC/DC 1 Piggyback

Streamlight Stinger XT

Stinger XT AC, Black

Streamlight Stinger

Stinger W/DC

Streamlight Stylus

Stylus Black/White LED

Streamlight Vulcan/Fire Vulcan

Vulcan Vehicle Mount Sys, Yellow

Streamlight Scorpion Parts & Accessories

Scorpion Bulbs

Streamlight Survivor Parts & Acc.

Div 2 Smoke Cutter Bulb

Streamlight LiteBox & Vulcan Parts & Acc.

Streamlight UltraStinger

Ultra-Stinger W/AC-DC, Black

Streamlight Stinger HP

Stinger HP w/AC Fast Charger

Streamlight Stinger XT HP

Streamlight Trident Headlight

Trident Headlight with Batteries

Streamlight Scorpion

Scorpion LED with Batteries

Streamlight Lamp Module

Lamp Module- SL20XP

Streamlight Switch Module

Switch Module- SL20XP

Streamlight Battery Stick

Stinger Battery Stick

Streamlight 5 Unit Bank Charger

5-Unit Bank Charger 120 Volt

Streamlight Holsters & Carrying Accessories

Black Ring Holder For Stingers

Streamlight Charge Cord

12 Volt DC Cigarette Light Charge

Streamlight Bulbs

Stinger Bulb

Streamlight Lens

Lens/Reflector Assembly-Stinger

Streamlight Charger Holder

Stinger Charger/Holder

Streamlight Flashlight Wand

Red Traffic Wand For Stingers

Streamlight Ultra Head Upgrade Kit

Ultra Head Upgrade Kit

Streamlight Key Mate

Key Mate White LED Titanium

Streamlight Task-Light

Twin Task 3C UV Black

Streamlight TL Series Tactical Lights

TL-3 Black w/Lithium Batteries

Streamlight Fire Vulcan

Fire Vulcan Standard Sys - Orange

Streamlight Strion

Strion Replacement Batteries

Streamlight SL20XP-LED

SL20XP LED AC/DC Black 2 Sleeve

Streamlight 4AA LED

4AA LED w/Alkaline Batteries

Streamlight TL Series Accessory

Flip Lens Blue (TL-3/Stinger/XT)

Streamlight Buckmasters Series

Buckmasters Camo Trident

Streamlight TLR Tactical Lights

TLR-2 w/Laser Weapons Mtd TacLite

Streamlight Tactical Strion

Tactical Strion 120V AC/12V DC

Streamlight Enduro Headlamp

Enduro Headlamp

Streamlight SL 20X LED

SL 20X LED w/o Charger

Streamlight SL40 Parts and Acc

SL40X Extra Battery

Streamlight Clipmate Flashlights

ClipMate - Black/White LED

Streamlight FC Stinger LED

Stinger LED w/o Charger

Streamlight NightFighter Tactical Light

NF-2 LED Black w/Batteries

Streamlight Stinger LED

Stinger LED w/AC/DC 2 Holders

Streamlight Survivor LED

Survivor LED Alkaline Orange

Streamlight Remote Switch

Remote Switch w/Coil Cord TL

Streamlight Replacement Bulb

Xenon Bulb

Streamlight Stinger DS LED Light

Stinger DS LED w/12V DC Steady Ch

Streamlight Sidewinder

Sidewinder IR LED - Coyote

Streamlight TLR Flip Lens

Flip Lens (TLR) - Red

Streamlight PolyStinger DS LED

PolyStinger DS LED 120V AC Blk

Streamlight Strion LED Light

Strion LED AC/12V DC (1) Holder

Streamlight PolyTac Flashlight

PolyTac Xenon Bulb, Black

Streamlight PackMate

PackMate Green Camo w/Green LED

Streamlight Stylus Pro

Stylus Pro Red / White LED

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact

Sidewinder Compact, Coyote

Streamlight PolyStylus Black

PolyStylus Black Blue LED

Streamlight Stinger LED HP

Stinger LED HP Steady, No Charger

Streamlight Stinger DS LED HP

Stinger DS LED HP Fast Pigy DC

Streamlight PolyStinger LED

PolyStngr LED w/120V ACFast Ch/BK

Streamlight ProTac White LED, Black

ProTac 1L White LED, Black

Streamlight Strion LED HP

Strion LEDHP 120V AC/12V DC 2Hldr

Streamlight E-Flood

E-Flood FireBox Std LED AC/DC, Or

Streamlight H&K USP Adapter (TLR)

H&K USP Full Size Adapter (TLR)

Streamlight Nano Light

Nano Light - White LED

Additional Streamlight Flashlights

Rechargeable SL20DC Only

Charge Sleeve Assembly 20XP +

Top Spot Extra Lens, Red

M-3X Long Gun Remote

Jr. Luxeon LED

Yellow Septor w/Elastic&Rubbr Str

Argo HP - Luxeon LED Headlamp

Junior Luxeon Reach

Cuffmate Coin Cell Batteries -2pk

TLR Key Kit (Glk/S&W/1913)

Mag Tube Rail (TL Series)

Rail Mount (TL2/3/2LED/3LED)

Stylus Glare Guard

Battery Cartridge (Trident/Septr)

Chrg Rack, Vulcan/Fire Vulcan Org

Anti Roll Ring

HID Battery

HID Bulb Kit

HID Lens/Reflector Assy

MicroStream Black

Super TacTM w/Holster

Vertical Grip w/ Rail (TLR)

Mag Tube Rail (TL, SuperTac, TLR)

M16/AR15 Rail (TL, SuperTac, TLR)

REM 870 Rail (TLR)

Nano Batteries (4 Pack)

Vantage LED Tac Helmet Light, Blk


TLR-1 Strobe

TLR-2 Strobe

Waypoint w/ 12V DC, Yellow

Pink 2AA Pro Polymer

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Streamlight is a premium flashlight manufacturer offering a variety of flashlights for tactical, professional, and recreational sporting activities. These flashlights are made to perform in tough situations and to stand up to whatever you may encounter. There is a Streamlight flashlight designed especially for you whether you need a waterproof flashlight for use during fishing or boating activities or for fire and rescue situations. In addition, Streamlight flashlights include reliable rechargeable flashlights in a variety of sizes for law enforcement officers, rescue personnel, and every day outdoorsmen. Each Streamlight flashlight is manufactured with the customer's specific needs in mind and the company is devoted to constantly improving each product in order to create the most reliable, durable, and dependable flashlights on the market.

Streamlight Flashlight Uses

There are a variety of situations during which a Streamlight flashlight can become one of your most useful tools. At Superior Outdoorsman, we carry Streamlight flashlights designed for everything from tactical and law enforcement uses to outdoor sporting activities such as hunting, camping, or fishing. For example, the rechargeable PolyStinger and Stinger Flashlights are ideal everyday flashlights for security and law enforcement personnel as they can be plugged in overnight and ready to go day after day. In addition, the Buckmasters headlamps and PackMate Streamlight Flashlights are ideal choices to meet any outdoorsman's needs. The following are some of the popular Streamlight flashlight uses:

  • Outdoor Sporting Activities: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and Hiking
  • Tactical Uses: Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Situations
  • Professional Uses: Industrial Inspections & Automotive and Hardware Repair
  • Fire and Rescue Situations

Popular Streamlight Flashlight Models

Whether you are looking to buy an LED flashlight, a reliable rechargeable flashlight, a portable pen flashlight, a weapon mounted flashlight, or a waterproof lantern, Superior Outdoorsman supplies the discount Streamlight flashlight to meet your needs. Our selection of Streamlight flashlights includes many of the popular Streamlight models including the PolyStinger, Stinger, Stylus, Vulcan, Trident Headlight, and many more Streamlight flashlights and flashlight accessories. Several of our top selling Streamlight flashlight models include:

  • PolyStinger Streamlight Flashlights: These super-bright, versatile flashlights are available in several different models including both rechargeable and LED styles making them the ideal flashlight for nearly any situation including law enforcement, industrial, automotive repair, outdoor sporting, and military situations.
  • Microstream Pen Flashlights: These go anywhere, portable Streamlight flashlights are the ideal choice for military personnel and auto mechanics as well as other repair personnel as they can be used to shine light in nearly any location with optimized light output and runtime.
  • Weapon Mounted Streamlight Flashlights: These compact tactical gun mount flashlights offer dependable lighting for both military and law enforcement personnel in tactical situations. These flashlights are all built to military specifications and offer the latest technology including long lasting LED bulbs and lithium batteries.