Airsoft Rifle: Discount Electric, Spring, & Gas Powered Airsoft Rifles

Airsoft rifles are commonly used for airsoft skirmishes, target practice, and military and law enforcement training exercises. In general, airsoft rifles offer greater accuracy and range when compared to airsoft machine guns and pistols. This is partially due to their design, offering longer muzzles, which result in greater shot control. At Superior Outdoorsman, we supply a variety of airsoft rifles from some of the leading airsoft gun manufacturers. These include discount electric airsoft rifles, spring-loaded airsoft rifles, gas airsoft rifles, and CO2 powered airsoft rifles. With a variety of discount airsoft rifles to choose from including high powered precision air guns for the ultimate airsoft enthusiasts or simple low powered airsoft guns for target shooting, you are sure to find the airsoft rifle or airsoft pistol to meet your needs for sale online from Superior Outdoorsman.

Crosman Game Face

Game Face-47 /6mm Elec-Full/Semi Game Face-47 /6mm Electric-Full/Semi-Auto
Game Face-5A2 /6mm Elec-Full/Semi Game Face-5A2 /6mm Electric-Full/Semi-Auto

Umarex Mini Electric Soft Air Gun

Mini Electric SG-S Black Soft Air Black
Mini Electric SG-S Clear Clear

Umarex H&K Replica Soft Air

H&K G36C Elite AEG BB G36C Elite, No Battery
H&K MP5 A5 Tac AEG BB MP5 A5 Tactical, Electirc
H&K MP5 - Clear .6MM BB MP5, Dual Power
H&K 416 CQB AEG BB 416 CQB, Electric
H&K MP5 A4 AEG BB MP5 A4, Electric
H&K MP5 SD5 AEG BB MP5 SD5 Elite, Electric
H&K MP7 GBB MP7, Gas Blow Back
H&K G36C - AEG BB, Black G36C, Electric
H&K MP5 A - AEG BB, Black MP5 A - AEG BB, Black

Umarex Elite Force

Elite Force 4CR AEG BB Elite Force 4CR AEG BB
Elite Force K-PDW AEG BB Elite Force K-PDW AEG BB

Umarex Tactical Force

TF11 - Clear & Black .6MM BB TF11, CO2, Clear and Black Machine Gun

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Airsoft Rifle Types

At Superior Outdoorsman, we are your number one shop for discount air guns and airsoft guns. Whether you are looking to buy a realistic spring-loaded airsoft rifle or an easy to use electric airsoft rifle, you are sure to find the gun that best meets your needs in our broad selection of discount airsoft rifles. These airsoft rifles include all of the most popular airsoft rifle types such as spring-loaded rifles, AEGs, gas airsoft rifles, and CO2 powered airsoft rifles.

Spring-Loaded Pump Airsoft Rifle

Spring-loaded pump airsoft rifles and shotguns are available in a variety of replica models and designs. These airsoft rifles offer a realistic shooting experience with the familiar pump action and a realistic recoil after each shot. In addition, spring style pump airsoft rifles tend to last longer and offer greater accuracy than some other types of airsoft guns. Also, because of their simple design, which eliminates the need for additional moving parts, these airsoft rifles are generally more affordable than gas-powered or electronic airsoft rifles. These types of air soft rifles are typically available in both basic models with lower muzzle speeds as well as advanced, high precision models. A downside to spring powered airsoft rifles is that because the spring must be cocked manually for each shot, these rifles are not capable of automatic or semi-automatic firing, which is often desirable in airsoft games and tournaments.

Electric Airsoft Rifles

Electric airsoft rifles are typically powered by an electric, battery powered gearbox that is used to compress a spring, which, when released, propels the pellet out of the barrel. These airsoft rifles are capable of firing in automatic or semi-automatic styles, which gives the guns their popular name of automatic electric guns, also called AEGs. Electric airsoft rifles are among the most commonly used type of airsoft guns and are capable of firing at muzzle velocities between 150 to 650 feet per second. Many AEGs currently available are designed as replicas of popular rifles and are created to be as visually realistic as possible to the original firearms.

Gas Powered Airsoft Rifles

Gas powered airsoft rifles are airsoft rifles that, like electric airsoft rifles, are capable of either automatic or semi-automatic operation. These airsoft guns operate on pressurized "green gas", which is a mixture of propane and polysiloxane. Some gas airsoft rifles or pistols are gas blow back style rifles where a slide or bolt is use to simulate a real firearm's operation. These airsoft rifles offer a recoil that is similar to the recoil encountered when shooting real firearms.

CO2 Powered Airsoft Rifles

CO2 powered airsoft rifles are operated similar to a paintball gun, using an external CO2 tank to power the rifle. These offer a more realistic approach to airsoft than electric airsoft rifles and generally cost more than the standard AEG.

Dual Power Airsoft Rifles

Some modern airsoft rifles are dual power airsoft guns. These allow the user to operate the gun with either battery or spring power. This is convenient because it allows the shooter to choose between a more realistic spring powered shooting style or an automatic or semi-automatic operation.