Crosman Air Rifle: Discount Break Barrel, Variable Pump, PCP, and CO2 Air Rifles

Crossman Air RiflesIf you are looking to buy a quality air rifle, a discount Crosman Air Rifle from Superior Outdoorsman is a superior choice. Each Crosman air rifle is manufactured to be dependable and reliable while offering the latest advances in technology. For an affordable air rifle, check out our selection of Crosman air rifles provided below including break barrel air rifles, PCP air rifles, variable pump air rifles, and CO2 air rifles. If you are interested in learning more about air rifles or to see our selection of discount air rifles, please visit our Air Rifles page. In addition, feel free to browse our affordable Gamo air rifles and Benjamin air rifles to find the best airgun for your needs.

Crosman CO2 Airgun

Model 1077 12 Shot Semi CO2 Rifle Model 1077 12 shot Semi Auto

Crosman Pump Airgun

Bolt Action Pump Single Shot .177 .177 Bolt Action Single Shot Pump
Pneumatic Pump Airgun BB/Pellet BB/Pellet Pneumatic Pump
BB Repeater/Single Shot Rifle BB/Repeater Single Shot Rifle

Crosman Break Barrel Airgun

Quest Break Bbl .177 Hdwd Stock .177 Quest Break Open Barrel, Hardwood Stock
Remington Summit Break Barrel .22 Remington Summit Break Barrel .22
Phantom .177 Brk Bbl w/ 4x32 Scope .177 Phantom, Break Open Barrel with Scope
Remngtn Summit .177 Brk Bbl w/ Scope .177 Remington Summit, Break Open Barrel with Scope
Raven Break Barrel Rifle Break Barrel Rifle
Remgtn NP.22 Digital Camo Stock Remgtn NP.22 Digital Camo Stock
Remgtn NP.177 Carbon Fiber Stock Remgtn NP.177 Carbon Fiber Stock

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About Crosman Air Rifles

Crosman was originally founded in Rochester, New York as a shooting sports product manufacturer primarily specializing mainly in the production of airguns and airgun ammunition. The company was dedicated then, as it still is today to quality and innovation. This has helped the company to produce a number of quality air guns and air rifles throughout the years. The company's dedication to innovation can be seen with the development of the new break barrel Crosman air rifles that utilize exclusive Nitro Piston technology. This Nitro Piston technology available in many new Crosman air rifles results in a number of exceptional benefits including:

  • Increased muzzle energy
  • Greater accuracy
  • Reduced vibration
  • Reduced recoil
  • Up to 70% noise reduction

Over the years as the Crosman company has grown, they have acquired a number of the company's competitors and other industry leaders including the Visible Target Company in 1991 and the Benjamin Sheridan Company in 1992. Now operated by Crosman, Benjamin Air Rifles continue to dominate the U.S. market as a line of high-end pneumatic and CO2 powered air guns. Today Crosman manufactures a variety of quality air rifles and pistols as well as superior airgun ammunition and airsoft guns and ammunition.

Popular Crosman Air Rifles

From break barrel rifles and variable pump rifles to PCP and CO2 powered rifles, Crosman air rifles offer superior performance and dependability. At Superior Outdoorsman, we supply a variety Crosman air rifles including some of the most popular, top selling models. These air rifles can be used for everything from target and practice shooting to varmint and small game hunting. The following are some of the most popular Crosman air rifles available on our website at discount prices.

Crosman Air Rifle 760 Pumpmaster

This Crosman air rifle is a classic pump action air rifle from Crosman that has been a favorite for over four decades. This dependable Crosman air rifle offers a superior shooting experience. It is best used for target shooting and can also double as a BB repeater or a single shot pellet gun.

Crosman Air Rifle Classic 2100

The Crosman Classic 2100 is an air gun that means business. This Crosman air rifle is a full size, hefty competitor that offers the maximum velocity, accuracy, and excitement that you can find in a variable pump air rifle. The Classic 2100 features visible impact sights for easier targeting. This powerful Crosman air rifle shoots BBs up to 755 fps and pellets up to 725 fps, making it perfect for large pest control, small pest control, and target hunting.

Crosman Air Rifle RepeatAir 1077

This CO2 powered Crosman air rifle is the most reliable semi-automatic air rifle available. This rifle features a CenterPoint fiber optic sight and can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. In addition, with the Crosman 12-shot rotary clip this rifle lets you shoot longer making it ideal for target shooting and plinking and even small pest control.