Gamo Air Rifle: High Powered Hunting Air Rifles

Gamo Air RiflesGamo air rifles are quality, high powered rifles designed for shooting small game and pests. These air rifles offer the latest advances in technology including all weather, non-slip stocks, noise dampening technology for a quiet shot, and fast spring piston technology for increased power and velocities. If you are looking to buy a quality air rifle for hunting, target shooting, or pest control, a discount Gamo air rifle from Superior Outdoorsman may be your best choice. View our Airguns page to see other discount airguns and airgun accessories available for sale from leading manufacturers.

Gamo Whisper

Whisper w/ 39x40 & Mounts w/ 3-9x40 & Mounts
Whisper VH Varmint Hunter
Whisper .22 CAL w/ 3-9X40 + PBA .22 CAL w/ 3-9X40 + PBA (25 rds)

Additional Gamo Air Rifles

Nitro 17 w/ 3-9x40 Gamo
Nitro 17 w/ 3-9x40
Varmint Hnter w/ 4X32 Light, Laser Gamo
Varmint Hnter w/ 4X32 Light, Laser
Silent Cat Gamo
Silent Cat
Socom Extreme w/ 3-9X50 RGBD Gamo
Socom Extreme w/ 3-9X50 RGBD
Bone Collectr .177 w/ 3-9X40 + PBA Gamo
Bone Collectr .177 w/ 3-9X40 + PBA

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Advantages of Buying a Gamo Air Rifle

For over 120 years, Gamo has been offering high quality and high powered air rifles for small game hunting and pest control. Today Gamo has become a leading manufacturer of airguns and airgun ammunition with Gamo air rifles used and recognized across the world. Gamo manufactures quality air guns especially designed for hunting with important features such as high power muzzle velocities, ultra quite shooting, minimal recoil, and superior accuracy. If you buy a discount Gamo air rifle from Superior Outdoorsman you can rest assured that you will receive a quality air rifle ready to meet your hunting needs.

Gamo's Strict Quality Control

Gamo emphasizes providing superior quality with each airgun manufactured and sold. Therefore, there are a number of important quality controls followed when producing each Gamo air rifle. For example, Gamo uses high quality European Walnut and Beech wood to manufacture durable rifle stocks. Each Gamo air rifle also undergoes a close re-inspection for quality, power, accuracy, and finish before being packaged and shipped. In addition, Gamo air rifles are randomly selected from each model line and put through rigorous torture tests including shooting them continually 10,000 times before inspecting for deterioration and wear.

Superior Power and Velocity Designed for Air Rifle Hunting

Gamo air rifles are designed especially with the needs of airgun hunters in mind. Therefore, these air rifles are some the most powerful airguns manufactured today. The Hunter Extreme Series Gamo air rifles are some of the fastest spring piston airguns available with a record-breaking velocity of up to 1650 fps.

Popular Gamo Air Rifle Models

At Superior Outdoorsman, we supply a variety of discount Gamo air rifles including some of the most popular models. Whether you are looking for an air rifle that provides extreme velocities, ultra quite shooting, or a classic, sleek design, there is a Gamo air rifle for you. The following are some of the popular discount Gamo air rifles available from Superior Outdoorsman.

  • Whisper Gamo Air Rifle Series: The Whisper Series of Gamo air rifles offers a variety of Gamo's most popular and powerful air rifles that will change the way you think about hunting with airguns. Each of these Gamo air rifles utilizes ND52 technology, which includes a hi-tech integrated noise dampener to reduce sound up to 52% resulting in the softest shooting airguns available today. Gamo air rifle models included in this series include the Varmint Hunter, Classic, and Silent Cat.
  • SOCOM Gamo Air Rifle Series: The SOCOM series is a series of high performance, tactical Gamo air rifles. These air rifles incorporate the latest advancements in spring power engineering, optics, noise reduction, and stock designs to create an unparalleled hunting and target shooting experience. Each SOCOM Gamo air rifle is a spring piston, break barrel single shot air rifle for maximum performance in accuracy and velocity.
  • Hunter Extreme Gamo Air Rifle Series: The Hunter Extreme Gamo air rifles offer classic designs with beech wood stocks and break barrel power. These air rifles provide superior power, performance, and penetration for hunting small game and birds at medium to close range. The Hunter Gamo air rifles are ideal pest solutions for your home, barn, or garden.