Katadyn Water Filter: Portable Water Filters, Purifiers, and Replacement Cartridges from Katadyn

Katadyn Water FilterOne of the most important and necessary requirements for human life is access to clean and safe drinking water. Therefore, if you are planning a camping trip or another outdoor activity it is important that you plan for obtaining clean and safe drinking water. A Katadyn water filter or purifier will remove dirt, sand, and other physical debris from drinking water. In addition, Katadyn water filters, microfilters, and purifiers are reliable tools for removing other dangerous micro-organisms from drinking water. At Superior Outdoorsman, you can buy a variety of discount Katadyn water filters and replacement water filter cartridges. Read on below to learn more about using Katadyn Water Filters when camping, hiking, biking, or traveling.

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier

MyBottle Purifier, Blue Blue
MyBottle Purifier, Green Green

Additional Katadyn Water Filters

Siphon Filter Katadyn
Siphon Filter
TRK DripCeradyn Gravity Container Katadyn
TRK DripCeradyn Gravity Container
TRK Drip Gravidyn Gravity Cntr Katadyn
TRK Drip Gravidyn Gravity Cntr
Base Camp Katadyn
Base Camp
Pocket Microfilter Katadyn
Pocket Microfilter
Vario Dual Technology Microfilter Katadyn
Vario Dual Technology Microfilter
KFT Expedition (High Capacity) Katadyn
KFT Expedition (High Capacity)
Mini Ceramic Microfilter, Black Katadyn
Mini Ceramic Microfilter, Black
Combi Microfilter, Black Katadyn
Combi Microfilter, Black

Katadyn Extreme Purifier Bottle Accessory

Exstream Virustat (Complete Kit) Virustat Kit (Complete Purifier Kit)
Exstream Cyst Filter (2-Pack Kit) Cyst Filter (2-Pack Kit)

Katadyn Vario Accessories

Vario Carbon Replacement (2 Pack) Carbon Replacement
Vario Ceramic Disc Ceramic Disc
Vario Replacement Cartridge Replacement Cartridge

Additional Katadyn Water Filter Cartridges & Accessories

Micropur Purific Tablets (Per 30) Katadyn
Micropur Purific Tablets (Per 30)
Quick Fill Hydration Adaptor Acc Katadyn
Quick Fill Hydration Adaptor Acc
Hiker/Pro,BaseCamp ReplaceCartrdg Katadyn
Hiker/Pro,BaseCamp ReplaceCartrdg
Carbon Cartrdge-All Style Systems Katadyn
Carbon Cartrdge-All Style Systems
Gravidyn Element Katadyn
Gravidyn Element
Ceradyn Element Katadyn
Ceradyn Element
Pocket Replacement Element Katadyn
Pocket Replacement Element
Combi Replacement Element Ceramic Katadyn
Combi Replacement Element Ceramic
Repl Carbon (2-pack for Carbon) Katadyn
Repl Carbon (2-pack for Carbon)
Guide Replacement Cartridge Katadyn
Guide Replacement Cartridge
Faucet Mt Adaptor for CombiPlus Katadyn
Faucet Mt Adaptor for CombiPlus
Mini Replacement Element Ceramic Katadyn
Mini Replacement Element Ceramic
Micropur Tablets (Per 20) Katadyn
Micropur Tablets (Per 20)

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Why Use a Katadyn Water Filter

Katadyn water filters or water purifiers remove dangerous particles including bacteria, viruses, and dirt particles thus providing you with clean, safe drinking water. Even though water in a stream or pond may appear clean and clear, much of the world's fresh water is contaminated with micro-organisms and other particles. These contaminants can enter water through animal and human feces, from industrial plant waste, and as a result of agricultural runoff.

Using a Katadyn water filter will remove particles, cysts, protozoa, and most harmful bacteria from contaminated water. A Katadyn water filter will also remove any dirt or physical debris found in the water. Katadyn microfilters are special water filters with extremely small openings in the ceramic or fiberglass filter element. These are available in personal water bottle size filters and larger water filters designed for multi-person use. A downside to any water filter is that even microfilters cannot remove all of the tiny viruses from the water. However, this is generally thought not to be a problem for backcountry hiking or camping in the United States.

If you are planning to travel to highly populated areas or developing countries, a Katadyn water purifier will safely remove all dangerous contaminates from drinking water including bacteria and tiny viruses. At Superior Outdoorsman, our selection of discount Katadyn water filters and purifiers includes several water purifiers and personal water purifier bottles.

Katadyn Water Filter Uses

Because finding clean and safe drinking water is important for all people, Katadyn water filters are commonly used in a variety of situations from outdoors activities to traveling. The following are some instances when you might use a Katadyn water filter or purifier:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Biking
  • Water Sports including Canoeing & Rafting
  • Fishing
  • Traveling
  • Emergency or Rescue Situations

Popular Katadyn Water Filters and Purifiers

At Superior Outdoorsman, you can buy a variety of discount Katadyn water filters and purifiers. These water filters include hand pump Katadyn water filters, Katadyn water filter water bottles, and gravity Katadyn water filters. Whether you are looking to buy a Katadyn water filter to set up a base camp for large group camping trips such as the Drip Gravidyn Gravity water filter container or a personal water filter such as the Katadyn MyBottle Purifier water bottle, we have the discount Katadyn water filter to meet your needs. The following are some of our discount Katadyn water filters and purifiers that are available for sale online.

  • Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter
  • Katadyn MyBottle Purifier
  • Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter
  • Katadyn Pocket Microfilter
  • Katadyn Drip Gravity Water Filter

Discount Replacement Katadyn Water Filter Cartridges

In addition to a broad selection of discount Katadyn water filters, at Superior Outdoorsman, we also sell discount Katadyn water filter cartridges and other purifier accessories. These replacement water filter cartridges will keep your water filter working in optimal condition. Because a fiberglass water filter cartridge cannot be removed and cleaned, it may be necessary to replace these filters frequently depending on the amount of dirt and other large particles that are present in your water source. In addition, replacing a ceramic water filter cartridge will ensure that your water filter works properly to provide you with clean and safe drinking water.